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The name is Young, Jake Young. Cheesy intro line aside I am a graduate in film and television studies who just so happens to adore cinema and everything about it. Some have questioned if I was born in a screening of Pulp Fiction, sadly no. But I was metaphorically baptised in the world of cinema. To put it simply, there is a lot to be said about film, its relation to us and our culture, and sometimes just how fun it can be. I seek to pour out my passion on this site for you all to see.

I hope that I can be your Middle Man or your go-between for everything film, want to know if a movie is worth the time, is it something that you’d like or is it a director’s Citizen Kane? I’ve got you covered. I will strive to bring the latest and greatest from the cinematic world and my opinions on them. Considering films on both an intellectual and purely entertainment factors, this can be the go-to spot for insightful and engaging content.

While I grow and develop my voice, I hope you’ll stick around for the journey and engage in some passionate discussions on a medium that we take for granted and very rarely appreciate, depending on who you ask.

The Star Rating Guide

While I do find the star rating system a little misguiding at times, it’s still a good way of indicating just how good a movie is. The ratings are by no means comparable, they are solely for that film. So while the star ratings on my site are not absolute and more of an indication of how much I liked the movie, here is a little guide for you to refer to;

★☆☆☆☆ – This means the movie was absolutely terrible, with little redeeming qualities.
★★☆☆☆ – This means it, for the most part, sucked but had some quality to it.
★★★☆☆ – This means it was middle of the road, a good movie overall.
★★★★☆ – This means it was an exceptionally good movie.
★★★★★ – This means it was perfect or more than likely near perfect.